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January Pet of the Month – Daisy Barac

Daisy is a 5 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier who presented to us for not eating, vomiting and having some discharge from her vulva. Daisy was examined by one of our vets Dr Crystal. A physical examination was performed as well as an ultrasound. Round and tubular structures were noted on the ultrasound which indicated that Daisy had a pyometra.

A pyometra is when bacteria enters the cervix and the uterus becomes infected. Surgically removing the uterus and ovaries is recommended to resolve the issue. This is called a spey or ovariohystectomy.

Daisy was prepped for surgery and her spey procedure was performed. We removed her infected uterus and she was woken up. Daisy was sent home that evening with antibiotics and pain relief. She came back to see us for her post surgery check and she is doing super well at home. Her owners are super thankful we were able to see Daisy and that she is feeling so much better.


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