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We have 2 wonderful vets available 3 days a week for your funky little friends! Since we began to venture into the exotic pet world, Brudine has seen so many interesting pets! Canberra has proven to be home to some wonderfully fun pets, and even more incredible owners. 

Dr Arianne Lowe & Dr Louise Grey are at your service Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday to assist you as needed. 

They each have many years experiences working with: rats, mice, birds, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, reptiles & we have even recently treated a fish! 

Pictured below are our two amazing vets & some fun facts about them! 

Click on their photo to find more information on them, and the rest of the Brudine Team. 

You can also follow the 'contact us' button to get in touch with any of your enquiries!

Check out our ever-growing gallery of exotic patients at the bottom of the page. 

Dr Louise Grey,


My Favourite Exotic Pet: Rats! 

My Guilty Pleasure Meal: Baklava, mmm...

My Favourite Band: Boy & Bear

Who Inspires Me: David Attenborough

Dr Arianne Lowe, BVSc


My Favourite Exotic Pet: Rhinocerous Lizard

My Guilty Pleasure Meal: Mango

My Favourite Band: Dean Lewis

Who Inspires Me: My children

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