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Exotics & Birds

Here at Brudine Veterinary Hospital we are super passionate about care for all pets, including those creatures that are a bit different. We love the small, the squeaky, the feathered, the scaly and anything else you might care to make part of your family.


In fact, we love these little guys so much that we have purpose built a separate section in our hospital so that your little critters have a stress-free space, from the waiting and consulting room through to the hospital boarding, all to themselves. This is particularly important for any prey species – this is just a nice way of describing a pet that another animal might view as potential dinner! Due to our unique set up we are able to separate prey and predator species more than any other clinic in Canberra.


We have several vets with a passion for these species. They have developed their experience and skills, and have pursued additional training in these pets. When you book in your unique pet, our receptionists will make sure you see the right person to care for your critter.


Check out our ever-growing gallery of exotic patients at the bottom of the page. 

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