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Payment Help

We understand that sometimes when your pet is suddenly unwell or injured, treatment can bring unanticipated expense.


If this is the case, special payment arrangements can be made through either Zip Money or VetPay. It takes just 5 minutes to complete an application which allows you to break your payment into instalments.

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The links below will take you to the respective websites where you can read

through the product information and see if either option is right for you.

Find out more about Zip Money >>

Find out more about VetPay >>


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To begin your application process, click below with the provider of your choice.

Insurance for your pet​

Another popular option for covering your fur family is Pet Insurance. There are many insurance companies available offering a wide variety of cover options depending on your pet’s needs. These can be great for reducing the costs associated with unexpected illnesses or injuries but please read the terms and conditions carefully as pre-existing illnesses are often not covered if the insurance is taken out after the diagnosis.


GapOnly® is available at Brudine Veterinary Hospital.

GapOnly® is an innovative payment service that works with selected pet insurance brands, so you can access your pet insurance benefit right away for eligible expenses.

How to claim using GapOnly®:

  1. If your pet insurance brand offers GapOnly, let our team know you’d like to submit a GapOnly® claim for your pet’s treatment.

  2. We’ll lodge a GapOnly® claim on your behalf. This is usually assessed in approximately 10 minutes. If it takes any longer our reception team will let you know so you can decide whether you want to complete the assessment, or have the claim processed as an eClaim instead.

  3. Once the claim has been assessed and approved, you simply pay the gap (the amount not covered by your pet insurance policy).

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