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We all know that leaving your pet at the vet all day can be tough, especially when they are having an anaesthetic. While it is true that there always risks involved with a general anaesthetic, here at Brudine we take every precautionary measure to ensure your pet is safe & secure from the moment they arrive, during the anaesthetic, right up until they go home. 

At Brudine, we use the safest sedations and anaesthetics & every pre-anaesthetic sedation is tailored to the individual pet. By doing so, we allow for your pet’s weight, age, and breed -pecific or individual patient conditions. 

Every patient is monitored carefully by fully qualified veterinary nurses trained in anaesthesia and post-operative recovery. Your pet is monitored closely from the moment they are asleep, to the moment they go home. 

During the anaesthetic we use a variety of equipment to closely monitor the patient’s heart-rate, oxygen levels, breathing & blood pressure. 

Patients over the age of 8 years, or those with certain medical conditions, are set-up with intravenous fluids at admission to the hospital in order to regulate blood pressure, and assist in a smooth, speedy recovery. We can offer IV fluids for any patient, no matter the age. 

We hope this extra information can put your mind at ease when your pet comes into our care. If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch!


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