Pathology in the veterinary industry is one of the most exciting advancements available. Over the years, the additional diagnostics we can offer your pets continues to grow. 

Brudine has the ability to run a lot of our own in-house diagnostics with state-of-the-art Idexx haematology, bio-chemisty & urine analysers. We can run many of our tests in-house and have the results back within 10-30 minutes. 

This fantastic advancement allows us to make a treatment plan for your sick pet in just a matter of minutes! 

Along with the in-house laboratory we have the option to send any samples off to an external laboratory, who then do an in-depth analysis and are later contactable for our vets, should the results need further discussion. This means a second opinion on the results can be gathered at any point when necessary. This can be offered for blood, urine, stool or surgical samples. 

Along with our blood & urine tests, we also offer microscopic diagnostics. This means that all our vets have been trained and experienced in identifying what hidden little cells or infection are lurking in your pets ears, skin or those funny looking lumps. Our vets will take a sample & have a trained veterinary nurse prepare the slide appropriately according to the sample for the vet to take a look. 

Isn't that fascinating?

Don't forget that it's not only the clinically sick pets that can benefit from blood tests. Studies have shown that yearly blood tests for our senior pets can spot and diagnose problems before they become major problems. If you want more information on our 'Geriatric Check-up Program' - get in contact with our reception staff by clicking here!

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