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Brudine Veterinary Hospital has a comprehensive in-house ​laboratory which means we can get an accurate diagnosis for your sick pet in as little as 15-30 minutes.  All our talented vets have been trained and are experienced in both reading the laboratory results and assessing cells or swabs under the microscope.


We are able to run a number of different tests in the clinic including:

  • Blood biochemistry profiles.

  • Full blood counts.

  • Urine tests.

  • Cytology (for example of ear swabs and aspirates from lumps).

  • Skin scrapes (microscopic examination).

  • Faecal assessment.

Our lab is coordinated by our trained lab nurses who are involved in the processing of blood samples and the preparation of slides after our vets have collected the sample by scraping the skin, swabbing your pet’s ear or taking a sample from that lump or bump. They then have these samples assessed by one of our vets - it's great team work!

Along with the in-house laboratory we have the option to send any samples off to an external laboratory for specific blood tests, biopsies or viral/bacterial testing. This laboratory can then perform an in-depth analysis and are later contactable for our vets, should the results need further discussion. This means we can get a second opinion on the results at any point, if needed.

Don't forget that it's not only the clinically sick pets that can benefit from blood tests. Studies have shown that yearly blood tests for our senior pets can spot and diagnose problems before they become major issues. If you want more information on our 'Geriatric Check-up Program' - get in contact with our reception staff.

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