Imaging is broad word for many exciting and interesting parts of the veterinary industry. 

Brudine has a multitude of imaging tools for diagnostic assistance, including: digital radiography (X-ray), digital dental x-ray machine, an ultrasound & an endoscope.

Digital Radiography: This is a fantastic tool for our pets, using our large digital x-ray machine we are able to take quick & accurate x-rays of your pet. We use this machine on a daily basis for diagnosing both skeletal and soft tissue abnormalities.


Digital Dental X-ray: A useful tool for the veterinarians to understand what's going on inside your pets mouth. Sometimes what we see with our eyes is very different to what's going on inside. This is especially difficult to ascertain inside a tiny little mouth. Taking some dental x-rays can allow us to make a forward-thinking plan for your pet and potentially reduce the number of anaesthetics & dental procedures your pet will need in future. 


Ultrasound: A great tool that does more than just pick up puppies & kittens. We can now use it for many abdominal abnormalities. 


Endoscopy: This is a marvellous little camera that assists us in getting into small spaces and finding things we just can't get to ourselves. The endoscope can be used to fish out foreign bodies like a grass seed in the ear or nose. It can be utilised for taking tumour biopsies in those hard-to-reach places. However, probably the most incredible & interesting use for the endoscope is it's capability to delve deep inside your pet and using a tiny fibre-optic ending helps us find a diagnosis that may have been not possible in any other way.

Imaging is not only a fascinating part of our work here at Brudine, but also truly is an incredible assistance for our vets and your pet.

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