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Meet Our Support Staff

Steph Robertson, Head Veterinary Nurse at Brudine Veterinary Hospital with a Kelpie dog

Practice Manager -  Hospital Liaison & Staff Manager

I have been with Brudine Veterinary Hospital since May 2008 when I started as a school based apprentice. While working here and studying at school, I was also doing my Certificate II in Animal Studies. Once I finished my Cert. II and year 12, I decided to begin my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, which I completed in October 2012. 

After a three year break from study, I have now completed my Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training and would love to help any of your dogs with the things I have learnt. In my spare time I love to help my partner, Matt, on his farm. The training of the sheep dogs and all the sheep work we do on the farm inspired me to begin this behaviour course. 

My partner is an apiarist (commercial beekeeper) and this gives me the opportunity to work with bees quite regularly, which I love. I like to stay occupied and have taken an interest in photography in my limited spare time. I have a zoo of animals of my own including: Boots, a tabby cat that I rescued from the RSPCA; Charlie, my Ginger rescue cat; Yasher, my Shingleback Lizard; Junior, my excited Kelpie boy and Kellie, my bouncy female Kelpie and finally my most recent edition: Flash, a sable ferret.


Head Veterinary Nurse

As I was growing up, I always loved animals and knew that one day I would work with them. I always had an animal in the family and I have always known Brudine as our go to vet hospital. At the age of ten, I got my own dog, Monti. Unfortunately, he was a very sick puppy and we were constantly at Brudine with him. It was then that I realised I wanted to help sick animals. When I was in year 12 I did work experience with Brudine, I loved every minute of it and then the rest was history!

I started with Brudine in December 2016 and finished my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in December 2019. Here at Brudine I help train junior staff members, I also run puppy school and have an interest in dog behaviour and training. I am also very passionate about caring for our medical patients and ensuring that they have the best nursing care possible, this means everyone gets extra cuddles when they are unwell in hospital.

When I am not at work, I am spending time with my crazy Old English Sheepdog named Archie. He is my shadow and we do everything together. We do obedience training, as well as lots of playing and grooming! I am very passionate about sport; I play Netball, AFL and do weightlifting. I also am a mad Raiders fan! I also love gardening, which means Archie gets to help dig in the yard and he gets to come on many trips to Bunnings.


Veterinary Nurse

I started working at Brudine Veterinary hospital in July 2019. Before moving to Canberra I worked at the Young vet clinic in Young NSW, I started my training with them in 2011 whilst working in a bistro and attending Tafe. Once I completed my Certificate IV I stayed on as a qualified nurse and enjoyed working with the wonderful staff and clients for 8 years. 


In December of 2018 my family and I decided to make the move to Canberra, after 6 months of being a stay at home mum I decided it was time to get back into the workforce and was lucky enough to find employment within Brudine Veterinary hospital. I work with a wonderful bunch of colleagues and have already met so many of our great clients. 


In my free time I love spending time with my husband and daughter attending markets, getting out and about with our animals, camping and taking trips back to my home town. 


Veterinary Nurse

I came to work at Brudine in September 2014 as their groomer.

I am a mother of three, with two boys and a girl (who some of you will have already met). 

I grew up on a farm in central west NSW, after finishing my HSC I began working at the local veterinary surgery as a nurse and completed my certificate III in veterinary nursing. 

I have had many moves over the years and different jobs mostly in either the animal or human health care industries. 

I moved to Canberra in 2005 and started my mobile grooming business. In my free time I enjoy playing netball and looking after my three pets, Nails and Rosie my two dogs and Gypsie the cat. 

Apart from that, my children keep me busy and on my toes with all that teenagers do.


Veterinary Nurse

I started working at Brudine Veterinary Hospital in June 2019. When I was a kid I always wanted to work with animals but when I grew up I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after I graduated. While studying at college I took a short course in animal studies at CIT, and that’s when I knew I definitely wanted to work in the animal industry. Once I graduated year 12 in 2018 I went on to CIT and completed my certificate II in animal studies. I then started working at Brudine while studying my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. I completed my Cert IV in 2020 and have loved every second of working in the industry.

I have a Blue English Staffy called Luna, she can be very energetic but at times very lazy! I love spending time with her playing at the oval and going to the dog park. She also loves having play dates with her brothers, Ceaser and Ollie.

Outside of work I love playing sports, I play soccer and I’m also a dancer and I love doing art and photography whenever I get the chance.

I am very excited for what the future brings for me within the animal industry and at Brudine.


Veterinary Nurse

Hello, my name is Holly and I started working at Brudine in April 2019.

I'm a Canberra local born and raised. I grew up with a gorgeous welsh corgi named Sam and a crazy cat named squirrel.

During the winter months my favourite thing in the world is to go down to the snow and go skiing. Some of my other hobbies include fishing, reading, ice skating and hanging out with friends.


I’m so excited to be in training to become a vet nurse because my whole life all I’ve ever wanted to do was help animals. And working here at Brudine has just proved to me that this really is my passion, and there’s nothing more rewarding then being able to see the animals leave happy and healthy back into their owners arms.


Trainee Nurse

My name is Quinn, I started working at Brudine Vet Hospital in July 2021.

It’s been a big change working as a receptionist at Brudine as I’ve never worked in the veterinary industry before and have had to work hard to learn many new things.

I am currently enrolled in Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing to learn even more about your lovely fur babies!


I have owned poodles my whole life, and currently have 2 miniature poodles, Neelix and Rook.


I look forward to meeting all your furry friends in the clinic.


Trainee Nurse

My name is Loreley, I started working at Brudine Vet Hospital in October 2022. 


I was born in Argentina and lived there for 10 years so I’m fluent in Spanish. I’m a big fan of football (soccer) and love to watch Messi play! 


I have three beautiful fur babies at home: Skadi, Honey and Draco. I’m currently studying a Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing at CIT and look forward to caring for all your little (or big) furry friends.


Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Hi, I’m Pippa and I have been a part of the Brudine team since December of 2020. I started off as a Kennel Hand and I’m now training to be a Vet Nurse.

Working here at Brudine has taught me so many things and I am continuing to always learn every day.


At home I have got two pets. Millie, my 13 year old cocker spaniel who loves human attention and would do anything for some food and my young tabby cat (Tazzie Belle)  who loves to torment people and have an occasional cuddle.


I’m super keen to be more involved in the Veterinary world, I am enjoying every day as I get to see and do so many fun things.


I’m excited to continue to meet more of your fluffy, feathered and scaly pets!


Trainee Veterinary Nurse


Trainee Veterinary Nurse



Hi! I started working at Brudine in February 2023. I have been a client of Brudine for many years and recently decided to change life up a bit and switch careers. I have no professional animal experience however; I am an avid lover of cats and dogs. My background is in finance and governance so a change to a more people/animal focused role was exactly what I was looking for. I have landed my dream job!

My daughter and I have had many animals while she has been growing up. From fish, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits to cats and dogs – we’ve loved sharing our lives with every single one of them. I enjoy going for adventures with my dog, playing Softball, knitting/crocheting, travelling and have recently discovered an interest in growing vegetables. I love helping people and I’m always up for a chat about your fur babies. I’m so excited to be working on this side of the reception desk.  I can’t wait to meet you all!



I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education - I'm very passionate about sports.

I have been working at Brudine since late 2023 and really enjoy working here part time and sharing my love for animals!



My name is Sheldon, I started working at Brudine Vet Hospital in 2023. I have always had a love for animals and have decided to pursue my passion as a career.


I have completed my Cert II in Animal Studies and I’m currently working towards my Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing. I’ve always enjoyed meeting and working with clients so you might also find me on reception :)


I own a beautiful Border Collie (pictured) a British Shorthair Cat and a tiny Maltese. I’m lucky to have three beautiful kids and a husband that share my love for helping animals. We regularly foster neonate animals until they are ready for their forever homes.


I look forward to meeting you and your pets. 



Hi!  I'm Jane and I am new to the Brudine Team as of January 2024.  Born in the Blue Mountains (and apart from a few years in Sydney) I have lived all my life in Canberra.  I have 3 children, a dog named Molly and 4 chickens.


After running a family business for the past five years, it was time for a change of pace and found myself being welcomed to the Brudine team as a receptionist.


I am looking forward to getting to know all our beautiful clients and their wonderful pets.



Hi I’m Piper!

Growing up I always wanted to work with animals but because I travel so much I always found myself stuck working in hospitality, until recently I moved to Canberra from Melbourne and got a job a Brudine!

In my spare time I like to ride horses, travel, read and spend warm evenings down by the farm with my partner and our goofy German shepherd, Cerberus. 


Can’t wait to meet you and your furry friends!


Kennel Hand

Hi! I’m Grace, a Kennel Hand at Brudine.


I have worked here since 2022 - and there definitely hasn’t been a day when I haven’t learnt something new. I initially began at Brudine through Year 10 work experience to see if I could make it in the vet world. I'm now starting my Certificate II in Animal Care with plans to continue my studies once I have finished Year 12.


At home I have two of my own fur baby’s - cats called Itchy and Scratchy. In my free time I play too much netball, read and cook. I’m so excited to get to meet all your fur babies, and learn even more!

Kennel Hand_Javi.jpg

Kennel Hand


Kennel Hand

Hey there! I’m Mikayla, I am one of the kennel hands working with the amazing team here at Brudine.


I have been a part of the team since April 2023 and I love to help to take care of your little fur babies. I love coming in seeing the beautiful faces of everyone, and how everyone is just like a family with welcoming arms.


Outside of work you can probably find me working under a car or riding dirt bikes alongside taking care of my two fur babies Lulu, my beautiful black lab, and my adorable budgie Derick! My favorite animals (I can’t just choose one) would have to be a turtle, dolphin, horse and dogs.

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