Are you holding your breath when your pet greets you every evening? This could be a sign your pet is in need of a dental. 

Dentistry for pets is very common, routine procedure. All dentistry is completed under anaesthetic. We perform multiple dentals every day on all kinds of pets, the exotics included. 

It's important to remember that while smelly breath is horrible, there are many other problems associated with and/or caused by dental disease, including: gingivitis, tooth root abscess and more seriously, internal organ diseases. Your pets teeth are the gateway to a happy, healthy lifestyle & it's just as important that we keep their teeth clean, as it is with ours.

Generally, a dental includes a scale of the teeth, removing the tartar and plaque and then a polish off at the end to make them nice & shiny. However, not all pets are so lucky - if left too long, often they will need one or more teeth removed. During the more invasive, dental procedures we are able to utilise our dental x-rays to get a good understanding of what is happening with the roots of the teeth & then create a customised plan from this point, for each individual patient.

To avoid this, we always recommend a strict dental routine of additional dental diets & some good old manual cleaning. We are not so naïve to think that all pets will allow us to brush their teeth but for the ones that will, it's certainly considered our gold standard treatment option. We have a variety of dental tricks & treats to show you in the clinic so feel free to chat to one of our nurses about what changes you can make to your pets dental health. 

Most of these lifestyle changes are beneficial when starting with a clean and healthy mouth which is why it's a good idea to begin the routine from a young age. If your pet is older we would advise a dental firstly, and then starting anew with a daily dental routine to keep them sparkling. 

Some breeds are more susceptible for dental issues & it's a good idea to discuss with a vet your options for keeping those teeth shiny white!

If your pets mouth is smelly; they struggle to eat their kibble or if you have any concerns at all with their oral hygiene, then come on in for a check-up with our vets. We promise more yummy treats than our human dentists!

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