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Meet perfect little Popcorn. This beautiful 3 year old bunny was referred to us from another clinic as he was very sick from an acute gastrointestinal obstruction. He had not improved during that morning on intensive medical management and his stomach was very bloated. His owners made the difficult decision between further medical management and surgical intervention, deciding that surgical intervention was worth the potential risks.

Dr Gwen took Popcorn to surgery for an exploratory laparotomy, where she opened up his abdomen and located the obstruction in the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine up near the outflow of the stomach. The obstruction was caused by a ball of fibrous plant material and that part of the intestine was inflamed as a result, but thankfully was not irreversibly damaged. The obstruction was milked gently down through his entire small intestine until it reached the caecum, which is where digestion by microorganisms, known as hindgut fermentation, occurs, and is a much wider part of the gastrointestinal tract. Even before we closed his abdomen, there was already lots more gut motility happening and all the fluid from his stomach was moving down along his small intestine.

After his surgery, Popcorn then was transferred to the Emergency Centre overnight for ongoing care. With a combination of pain relief, gut motility drugs and supportive feeds Popcorn has not looked back. This little guy is personality plus and it is so lovely to see him eating well and enjoying life with his owners again.


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