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Pet of the Month - Milo

Meet cute Milo, a 5year old Guinea Pig who presented to Brudine Veterinary Hospital for a second opinion for a non-painful mass on his left testicle. He was otherwise well and eating normally.

Milo was booked in for a scrotal ultrasound which ascertained that the mass-effect was created by a pocket of fluid at one end of his scrotum. He was taken to surgery where he was castrated. It was found that associated with the pocket of fluid there was herniated abdominal contents in his scrotum and the fluid pocket in the scrotum was due to a haematoma, which is an accumulation of blood within a pocket which in this case looked like it may have been secondary to trauma. Cytology showed no cancerous cells. The haematoma was drained of fluid and he was sent home on a course of anti-inflammatory pain relief. We are so pleased he recovering well and that everything is resolving.


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