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Pet of the Month - Winston

Meet gorgeous little Winston, a 7 month old Rag Doll. This cheeky chap has recently been a bit of a frequent flyer here at Brudine!

Last month he ingested the rubber nipple/teat off a dummy that required him to have surgery to remove it from his duodenum, the first part of his small bowel. He healed well and returned to his mischievous ways. Unfortunately, about a month later he re-presented for being lethargic, off his food and vomiting.

He was admitted and X-rays were taken.

Have a look at the image below and see if you can locate the problem…….

Dr Gwen spied a suspiciously teat-shaped object in his small bowel (see the arrows).

Winston was taken to surgery for an exploratory laparotomy, where Dr Gwen opened up his abdomen and located the dummy/bottle teat in his duodenum. He had managed to force this teat about 5cm past the site of the last obstruction but again this had wedged itself firmly in the bowel and there was no way it would fit through the small part of the bowel that was beyond this point. Thankfully, because we went to surgery quickly, there was no compromise to the wall of the small intestine and so no section of bowel needed to be removed.

After his surgery, Winston was able to go home to recuperate with his owner. All dummy and bottle teats have now been removed from his home so hopefully we do not see him in here again for chewing these off and eating them! We are so pleased he is back to his bouncy little self at home again.


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