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Why we love our Vet Nurses

There are so many reasons we love our amazing vet nurses. Veterinary nurses are some of the best, most caring, knowledgeable and strong people I know. They are an integral part of what makes Brudine work, and I am extremely fortunate to be able to call them my colleagues.

So because today is International Vet Nurse day, I thought I would let you in on just a few of the many reasons why they are super-stars…..

1. They never ever let go! Our amazing vet nurses are expert animal handlers and are incredibly good at practicing fear-free techniques and soothing any stressed animal. Many of patients are lovely and compliant, however sometimes they are not and on these occasions all that stands between the vet and serious human bloodshed is the valiant vet nurse. They are very good at detecting changes in animal body language and acting accordingly to ensure that both humans and animals stay safe.

2. They are way better than our computer system! This is because you cannot type into the computer search function ‘’That lovely ginger cat from about a month ago who was owned by the young couple”, and even if you could our vet nurses would already have the answer for you before you could even finish typing!

3. They can work ALL the equipment. In addition to looking after your wonderful pets, the vet nurses are the guardians of all the complex equipment in the hospital. From the intricate in-house blood machines to the many valves of the dental machine and from the computer systems to the anaesthetic monitoring equipment and everything in between the nurses know to get them to work (properly) and can trouble-shoot when things go awry (which is usually because a vet tried to be “helpful”). The nurses also have a superpower of being able to locate any item you need within the practice.

  • 4. They are skilled. Our vet nurses don’t just take amazing care of your pets when they stay in hospital they are also involved in many important medical procedures from monitoring the general anaesthetics to placing IV catheters or taking blood samples.

5. Finally, and possibly most importantly, they always have a pen. It is a well reported phenomenon that all vet clinics have a pen black-hole into which all pens seem to disappear mysteriously. The vets can start the day with a new box of pens and end the day with no pens at all, but you can be certain that a vet nurse will always have a pen. We vets can often persuade them to let us use it to sign a certificate or script but they always demand it back.....and they guard it closely!


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