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Mammary Cancer In Rats - What can we do to help prevent?

Rats make totally adorable and lovely pets.

Once you meet a rat and get to know them you will never feel the same way about them again! They are affectionate, clean, gentle and very quick to learn. In many ways they make an ideal pet. Their one downfall is their short life span.

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Three years old is considered quite ancient for a rat. These lovely little creatures leave us all too soon.

Females in particular are very, very prone to developing mammary tumors and sadly these can show up as early as 18 months. This makes a short lifespan far, far too short.

These lumps are normally benign, meaning they don't spread around the body but are isolated to just the one spot. However, they can grow to such a humongous size that they are just impossible to live with. Walking, grooming, feeding all become just too difficult and euthanasia becomes a necessity. Small tumors can be removed surgically if caught early but all too often another one will develop.

These mammary tumors are among the most common cause of death in female rats. Dr Louise Grey, one of our own vets, has had seven female rats over the years and SIX of these required euthanasia due to large, benign mammary tumors.

But now, thanks to a new hormone implant, these mammary tumors are preventable. That's right - one of the most common causes of death for a female rat is PREVENTABLE!

Suprelorin is a long acting hormone implant placed under the skin that can be used to shut down the reproductive system. It was developed for use in dogs but has subsequently been used in a wide variety of pets. In female rats one implant is sufficient for life. By turning off the reproductive system from the brain down we can dramatically reduce the incidence of mammary tumors by around 95-98%! This is major, significant, exciting, marvelous - you get the idea!

This simple, quick and non invasive implant can really make a huge difference to the longevity of your pet rat. She is much more likely to live a full, rich, tumor free happy ratty life and make that third birthday with a Suprelorin implant.

If you have a female rat and would like to discuss this wonderful option with us, please make an appointment ASAP. Dr Louise & Dr Ari would be glad to go through the whole process with you!

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