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Physiotherapy for Pets

You’ve joined the COVID fitness bandwagon as a good reason to leave the house whilst in a lockdown but have over extended yourself and now are hobbling around unable to do any exercise at all! How do you get back on track? If a few days rest and anti-inflammatories haven’t solved your pain, most people turn to a physiotherapist for advice and often are able to return to exercise stronger and pain free.

Here at Brudine Veterinary Clinic, we also aim for similar goals for our pets who struggle with any form of mobility issue or pain. Although we can’t ask out pets to follow instructions on how to move & engage their muscles and why it will help, we can certainly train owners how to help their canine & feline friends be as strong and comfortable as possible in all stages of life.

When would should you ask for veterinary physio advice?

- If your pet as has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis

- After your pet has had an orthopedic surgery such as cruciate ligament, patella luxation or fracture repair surgery

- If you pet has a neurologic disease that affects their strength or balance

- If you pet has a developmental disorder such as hip or elbow dysplasia

- If your pet is in their senior years

- If your pet is involved in high impact play or sports

What does animal physiotherapy involve?

Depending on your pet’s needs there are a number of things that can be done:

- Massage to relieve pain and tension and improve relaxation

- Stretching and passive range of motion exercises which aim to relieve stiffness, pain and improve mobility.

- Strengthening exercises

- Balance & body awareness exercises

- Obstacle courses

- Ice & heat treatments to reduce inflammation and promote healing

All of these treatments can be performed by you at home with no or minimal equipment. We can provide you with information & guidance on how you can start help your pet comfortably and effectively with advice tailored to them and you.



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