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Fabulous Pheremones

Kitty's can scratch and claw, and while this is normal and natural it can be quite destructive if it's on the side of your new lounge! More often than not we go out and buy the most desirable looking scratching post only to have our feline friend give it a glance and then vow never to raise a claw to it ever! Well, now there is a new tool in the box of behavior management - Feliscratch.

Feliscratch can be applied to a scratching post and contains a pheromone that mimics the one produced between the toes of the cats paw. This signals to the cats brain that THIS is the place to express that scratching behaviour. A blue marker is another visual clue that THIS is the place to claw and catnip attracts the cat to the desired location. The use of Feliscratch can help you help your cat express this normal and natural behavior in a location you both agree is ok to claw to bits! Happy days!

As always Feliway pheromone spray and diffuser can be an important part of feline behaviour management, signaling to your pet that they are in safe and intimate territory and that it's time to chill.

If your feline friend is scratching in areas you don't condone or is displaying other undesirable behaviou

rs come in and see us. We now have a special feline only consult room to keep cats calm and settled and make trips to the vet more comfortable for everyone.

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