Noise Phobias..... more than just a fright

Does your dog or cat cower and hide, or pant and tremble during storms? What about fireworks, or windy days or appliances in the home?

Most pets don’t like loud noises, but for some of our pets, it is more than just a dislike, it is an extreme and uncontrollable fear that affects their quality of life. This reaction is called a phobia. It is an intense, exaggerated fear response out of proportion to the noise that triggers it. It is distressing to out pets and serves little purpose to help them stay safe. In fact, it can increase their risk of physical and mental harm, especially if they try to escape.

We don’t know why some pets develop and experience noise phobias, although having chronic pain can be a factor for some pets. Sometimes they learn the response from another pet in the house, sometimes they develop the phobia after a traumatic event,