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Healthy eyes

I don’t think he can see right??

One of the joys of having a pet is gazing lovingly into big eyes that gaze back with just as much emotion. Quite a bit of time can be lost in this rather fabulous form of communication. But what if one day you noticed something was a bit off with that loving gaze?

Eyes seem a bit glassy? Squinting? Red? Sore? What if the gaze isn’t quite focused on you or is jumping around a bit? What if your pet starts bumping into things? What if their gaze just looks odd, dilated pupils, constricted pupil or different sized pupils? What’s going on there?!

There are a myriad of possible disease of the eyes ranging from a grass seed wedged into the eye through to loss of retinal function or damage to the nerves and vessels supplying them. These sensitive organs can only respond to illness or injury in a limited number of ways and it can take some investigation to tease out exactly what is going on. It’s really important to work out what is going on with a diseased eye and start treatment early as permanent damage can be avoided with prompt therapy.

So if you notice your pet has an uncomfortable eye or an eye that just looks a bit different to normal then come in and get them checked. Quick intervention can avert serious complications such as pain and blindness!

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