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Thirsty Animals

We all need to drink. Every day. But what if you notice your pet is drinking a lot? Drinking heaps and heaps, and seems to want more and more... Is this a problem?

It very well could be. There is a point beyond which water consumption is considered excessive and abnormal and this should always be investigated. It's also important to check out an animal that has started to drink more than is typical for them even if this is still within the normal range.

General trends are useful, such as noticing that water bowls are being filled more often but specifics are even more useful. You can measure your pets water intake by putting out a set amount and then measuring what's left at the end of each 24h. Do this over a few days.

What goes in must come out so animals drinking more often urinate more. Keep an eye on your pets toilet trends and see if you think they are passing more urine.

If you are concerned come in and see us. Examination and often blood and urine testing will be very important in establishing if there is a problem. There are a range of common diseases that cause changes in water consumption such as diabetes, kidney disease and Cushing's disease.

These are all very different diseases with different treatments and management plans, but all cause excessive water consumption.

Noticing the problem and getting an early diagnosis gives your pet the best possible chances of a good outcome.

So watch the water bowl and let us know if your pet is drinking excessively.

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