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Smoke inhalation and your pet

January 8, 2020

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Smoke inhalation and your pet

January 8, 2020


Dr Grace Butler


With the current fire situation and numerous bushfires surrounding our area, Canberra has been seeing a lot of smoke haze blowing in (and sometimes not blowing out). During the past few weeks the air quality has been horrendous and with more than 130 fires still blazing around NSW, there will likely be ongoing smoke. Not only does this smoke play a significant role in our own health, but our pets are also at risk of smoke inhalation and consequential damages.
Similar to us, the smoke can cause our pets to have eye irritations and respiratory tract irritations. It may be more significant to those animals that already suffer from any underlying respiratory tract issues (eg asthma) or lung issues. 

Bushfire smoke is made up of numerous substances; carbon dioxide/monoxide as well as soot, organic substances, trace minerals and sometimes even very small particulate matter. This matter is often very fine which means it is able to find its way to the absolute smallest branches within the lung fields. 

Given the extent of the smoke haze at the moment, we would encourage our clients to keep a close eye on their pets and implement the following:
 Limit exercise when any smoke is visible
 Where possible, move pets indoors to remove them from the bulk of the smoky air
 Provide your pets with plenty of access to clean/uncontaminated water