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Free Free visits to the Vet

Veterinary clinic visits can often be quite scary for some patients, causing them to be anxious and stressed. Our aim at Brudine is to reduce the amount of stress your pet feels coming into the building and consult room.

We have dedicated cat and dog consult rooms and this helps reduce the anxiety and stress that can sometimes arise in response to smells.

We have our cat consult room fitted with pheromone diffusers (Feliway) which is a synthetic copy of the Feline Facial Pheromone. This is the pheromone that cats leave naturally when they feel safe and secure in their environment which then helps our feline patients feel more safe and secure in the consult room.

There is also often a negative response to noise by some dogs, if dogs are barking or getting unsettled in the waiting area, we will move you into a consult room so you and your dog feel more relaxed and can help reduce anxiety levels increasing in your pet and others.

We recommend you bring your dog into the clinic secured on a lead and your cat secured in a cage. Often cats will have less anxiety if you also drape a towel over the cage and carry it by the base into the clinic (like a parcel) instead of by the handle (like a suitcase).

For our canine patients we will assess if they may be better suited to be examined on the ground vs the consult table; if they like treats or pats; if they may also need more time or possibly medication to help improve their stress and anxiety associated with their visits.

We also encourage “friendly visits” for your pets. We welcome you to pop into the clinic, where our lovely nurses are always ready to offer treats and pats which improves your pets perception of the clinic.

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