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Now we have TWO doors!

What do the following animals all have in common? Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Rat, Mouse, Chicken, Parrot, Lizard and Turtle?

If you are the right type of predator, they are all delicious!

And this is why we are very excited to announce that our Exotic Species Only wing is now up and running. When you arrive at our front door have a look to your right and you will find another door. This leads you into the Exotic Species wing for prey species only. These little critters have their own waiting room, consult room and hospital free from the sounds, sights and smells of any animals that might consider them a delectable treat.

Now you may well have a delightful dog or cat or ferret who would never in a million years think about nibbling on a small and squeaky pet, but the smell, sounds and sight of your gentle pet is enough to frighten these little guys and thus they are much less stressed and anxious in their own space. We want everyone to have a happy, stress free and calm trip to the vet and separation of the species is one of the many ways we can go about this.

If you would like to check out this exciting new development to our hospital come in and we would be glad to show you around. This degree of species separation is really quite uncommon and we are really excited to be able to offer this to our clients.

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