Surgical procedures are done on a daily basis by all our wonderful veterinarians. There is a wide range of surgical procedures that we can offer from routine surgeries to the difficult orthopaedics. Below are examples of what surgical procedures can be performed at Brudine - Monday to Friday by arrangement.

Routine procedures: our every day pet desexing. Desexing is required by ACT pet ownership legislation and can be done any day of the week by all of our talented vets. 

Soft Tissue Surgery: includes tumour removals; wound stitch-ups; skin flap repairs; oral surgery; nasal surgery; entropian/ectropian surgery; and skin fold surgery. 

Abdominal Surgery: relates to foreign body removal; gastropexy; instestinal biopsies; tumour removals; and cystotomy. 

Orthopaedic Surgery: Fracture repair; ACL (Cruciate) repair, including TTA; Medial Patella luxation stabilisation surgery.

Dentistry: Details on our routine dentistry, tooth removal or any dental related procedures can be found on our

     dentistry page.  

All surgical procedures are done under the safest anaesthetics. To read more about anaesthetics performed at Brudine Vet: 

All non-routine surgical procedures must be assessed by a vet prior to scheduling. Contact our reception staff by following the link below so we schedule a vet to give your pet a check over.

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