If your dog is getting a bit smelly, or the long hair is growing over their eyes, or maybe it's the summer weather coming on and they're just getting too hot? Well maybe it's time for a trip to Brudine Grooming!
Maree Watt is our very talented and experienced groomer and while still managing to serve her own personal grooming clients Tuesday & Friday, Maree gives up her Monday, Wednesday & Thursday every week to groom all your gorgeous dogs!

First appointment is at 9am  and the last appointment is at 2pm. Day boarding for grooms is available upon request & availability.


We offer 3 grades of grooming: 

Bath & Blow Dry includes a nail clip and a coat brush out.

Bath & Blow Dry: Short Coat - $40

Bath & Blow Dry: Medium Coat - $60

Bath & Blow dry: Long Coat - $80


Trim includes a bath, blow dry, nail clip, coat brush out & a trim up around the feet, face & back-end. 

Trim: Short Coat - $60

Trim: Medium Coat - $80

Trim: Long Coat - $100

Full clip includes a bath, blow dry, nail clip, coat brush out & some length off all over - just let the receptionist or groomer know exactly how much you want off.

Full Clip: Short Coat - $90

Full Clip: Medium Coat - $120

Full Clip: Long Coat - $150

If you are unsure about what coat length your dog has, that's okay. You can speak to a receptionist and they can help you get an idea of cost.

Maree has built herself quite a valued reputation with our clients and has quickly become 'in high demand'. We will try to get you in as soon as possible but we recommend booking 2 weeks in advance as she regularly books out. 

Follow the link to get in touch with us today!

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Have a look at some of our before & after's and other cute grooming visitors below!
doggies before and after togther shots 2
francis before and after together
daisy after
moet groom
pawcha and brother after
Bill Before&After_edited
Ruby Before & After_edited

Opening Hours

MON- FRI 8:00am to 6:30pm

SAT 8:30am to 4:00pm

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3-5/6 Charnwood Place

Charnwood, 2615, ACT


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